My room...
The glowing dim light…

Its dark?gloomy?romantic night? Naah not at all. Its same as usual, the glowing dim light, my laptop in my lap, me surfing about different things with some mesmerizing voice being played in the you tube . That’s it. This is how my night goes like. When day fades and night arrives, the inner side of me starts to think lots of thing which takes me deep down to some thoughts. End of the day is the time when I fear, the moment when everything I am scared of, I failed of come across my mind and puts me into the bad mood and bizarre feelings arises. I try to make myself busy surfing anything in the laptop but the things emerges around me like a reflection.  I feel like I don’t have anyone to share to thought I have bunch of friends. And I always wish for the early arrival of the bright morning. So, that I can be out of the dark night and enjoy the fresh morning.

Let me say “my journal”

Its December 28,2014. And I’m here continuing with my daily schedule. The exact time in my place i.e Jamal,Kathmandu is 10 past 12. Actually I’m at my workplace. Well, the work is not much so I’m here by writing some of my things revolving round my head in this free period. Currently I’m playing a game called farmville. I’m so addicted to this game that a single day is not well spent if I didn’t played that. Getting back to my workplace. I work in a private company called White Horse Distribution. We distribute sim cards i.e cell phone simcards to various districts of our country. The company has just been started so the work load is seen less than I thought. As well this is my first job and I’m experiencing new things here. But at this part of my life I’m confused,confused what to do next. To what field should I enter, what subject should I choose in my bachelor level, what will be good for my future and what would not be. Well many of my closest people have given me various ideas but they vary at different level I aint getting what should I do. What is appropriate for me and all.. Confused Confused…..
Well everybody, even the expert say that “we should do what we want to do” but at this stage I dont know what I want to do, what is good for me.  Hope I’ll make it out what I’m interested at as soon as possible.

2071B.S Day 1

Arghhh!!!! From the first day of 2071B.S I can make it out that this year is not with me. Everything is being like a hell not a single moment was cheerful…still I tried my best to be happy to welcome new year 2071. In this year something new trait rose inside me. I guess i’m loving people more…I mean the hatred for certain people has vanished..The behaviour I used to show to people has changed like nothing else n i am surprised. Its actually a rapid change. Anyhow i am happy with this change. The best of today was a couple dance with my late grandpa’s sis. Awww….I enjoyed it a lot lot like nothing else. Had she not been there for me my new year would have gone in vain. Actually she is the one who made my day this enjoyable. The night gossip turned out to be more interesting than anything else. She do have some mental problem but I don’t mind,she is fine with me. Had she not been there,the new year would suck because REJECTION,IGNORANCE entered my world and I was all alone.
Entry of little enjoyment’s credit goes to my one and only phuphu. She rocked my world even though she doesn’t know she acyually did it.
Thank u phuphu….tons of thanks for her. 🙂